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Promotion Information

Important Dates & Information:

    • Slips Due for Name on Promotion Certificate:  TBA
      • Form available here.
      • How would you like your student's name to appear on certificate
      • How would you like your student's name to be announced at the ceremony
      • Please do not use nicknames
    • Parent Planning Meeting for Promotion Dance:  TBA
    • Promotion Speech Tryouts: May 18 
      • 3 students will be chosen to speak at the ceremony
  • Promotion Trip to Discovery Kingdom: TBA
    • Eligible students will receive a permission slip
  • Caps & Gowns can be picked up from Mr. Roberts' class starting TBA
They must be paid prior to receiving them.  Non-promoting students who have paid for their caps and gowns will receive a refund.
Price for caps & gowns:
Cap, gown, tassel -$28.00
Cap, tassel -$15.00
Tassel -$8.00
  • Promotion Dance: TBA
    • Free to students
    • Semi-formal attire
  • All fines for Lost or Damaged Books due: May 26
  • Promotion Ceremony Line-up & Practice (walk to OHS): TBA
    • Please look for the permission slips for students to walk to OHS for Promotion practice.
  •  Promotion Portraits: TBA
    • Order forms are available in the office for students who would like promotion portraits taken by LifeTouch
    • Students should bring their caps and gowns to school that morning.  
    • Portraits will be taken after students return from practice at OHS.
  • Promotion Ceremony at OHS Stadium: May 31, 2018, 6pm
    • no reserved seating
    • Balloons, flowers and noisemakers will NOT be permitted in the stadium. 
    • There will be a check-in station for these items 
Students must meet all promotion requirements listed below and must not receive more than three disciplinary referrals, suspensions or discipline log entries to participate in any of the promotion activities.  


In order to participate in the 8th grade promotion activities (class trip, dinner and dance, & promotion ceremony), a student must meet the following criteria:

  • A student must maintain a cumulative semester 2.0 or higher GPA for all three years or they will be ineligible for all promotion activities.
    • Students falling below the cumulative semester or quarter 2.0 GPA will be deemed “At Risk.”
    • Parent contact will be made and student interventions will be implemented once a student becomes “At-Risk.”
    • Students transferring to Yolo during the school year are subject to the same promotion requirements.
      • Grades from previous schools attended will be averaged with grades earned at Yolo to determine promotion activity status.
      • Students must also meet the following requirements during their eighth grade year to participate in year end promotion activities:
        • Students must maintain a semester cumulative 2.0 GPA during their eighth grade year.
        • Students may not receive more than 2 semester core class F’s during their eighth grade year.
        • Any “At-Risk” students who meet the criteria may apply for Yolo Middle School’s waiver program.
  1. Students may be ineligible from participating in all promotion activities once they have accumulated more than six home suspension days during their eighth grade year.
  2. Poor conduct or attendance may result in a student being declared ineligible from participating in any promotion activity.  Behavior and/or attendance will be evaluated by administration to determine level of promotion activity participation.