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Helping a child do well in school is one of our biggest jobs as parents.  And now you can get help right on our school website!  Every day, 365 days a year, you’ll find a new “Tip for Parents,” a new “Idea of the Day,” and hundreds of other ideas.  They’re all designed to help you help your students do better in school.  Have a question you’d like to ask? Try the “Search” option in the “School Success Ideas for Parents” section.  Click on the “Today’s Tip for Parents” or the “School Success Ideas for Parents” buttons below.


PowerSchool is a great way to keep informed of your student’s progress at school. PowerSchool can be accesssed by clicking on the PowerSchool link. PowerSchool passwords are printed on your student’s progress report or report card. You may also call the office and obtain the password from the school secretary.

Some things to know about PowerSchool:

  • A Blue links indicates that there is additional information such as a comment.
  • Clicking on the Grade will give you a list of all assignments and the scores in that class.
  • Clicking on the Teachers name will create a blank email message to that teacher.
  • The E-mail Notification option at the top will allow you to set up an automatic grade notification to be sent to you on a regular basis.

Student Counseling
Students may receive counseling on such issues as harrassment, peer mediation, social skills, family problems as well as academic counselng. A counseling permission form can be obtained at the Yolo Office.

After-School Program
The After-School Program is held at Yolo from 3-6pm. Students are required to attend every day they are at school. The After-School Program offers tutoring and homework assistance, arts and crafts, computers, recreation sports, mini field trips and much more. There is no charge to enroll but some activities may require a small fee. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Pick up a registration packet in the office.